Maintanence (ICAO test film)

MAINTENANCE ICAO PRACTICE TEST VIDEO TRANSCRIPT (CORRECTED) But the maintenance workers at South West Airlines are just getting started. Tonight they are going to open up a 737-700. Almost [...]

Maintanence (ICAO test film) 2018-03-27T22:06:09+00:00

Qantas A380 (ICAO test film)

Qantas A380 ICAO PRACTICE TEST VIDEO TRANSCRIPT (CORRECTED) Qantas flight 32 is making a refueling stop in Singapore. The Airbus A380 is more than half way through a marathon [...]

Qantas A380 (ICAO test film) 2018-04-01T22:02:03+00:00

Fire On Board (ICAO test film)

Fire On Board ICAO PRACTICE TEST VIDEO TRANSCRIPT (CORRECTED) When you look at some of the cargo carriers, they’re operating airplanes that are 30 and 40 and even 50 [...]

Fire On Board (ICAO test film) 2018-04-04T09:26:22+00:00

Computer Failure (ICAO test film)

COMPUTER FAILURE ICAO PRACTICE TEST VIDEO TRANSCRIPT (CORRECTED) Every time you board a plane you put your trust in the pilots and every time pilots enter the cockpit they [...]

Computer Failure (ICAO test film) 2018-04-05T23:47:10+00:00

Hydraulic Failure (ICAO test film)

HYDRAULIC FAILURE ICAO PRACTICE TEST VIDEO TRANSCRIPT (CORRECTED) The massive Boeing 747-400 has just flown over Alaska and is now almost half way through a thirteen and a half-hour [...]

Hydraulic Failure (ICAO test film) 2018-04-13T11:19:37+00:00

Aircraft Icing (ICAO test film)

AIRCRAFT ICING ICAO PRACTICE TEST VIDEO TRANSCRIPT (CORRECTED) Light show falls as Air Ontario Flight 1363 stops in the remote northern community on its way from Thunder Bay to [...]

Aircraft Icing (ICAO test film) 2018-04-13T11:24:35+00:00

Volcanic Ash (ICAO test film)

You are going to watch a film about a natural phenomenon that resulted in a non-routine situation. The duration of the film is about three and a half minutes. [...]

Volcanic Ash (ICAO test film) 2018-02-24T01:22:22+00:00

Misunderstanding (ICAO test film)

Today pilots and controllers use (Pr Simple Active) radios to talk to one another. “We are now descending (Pr Cont Active) to 190..” The system depends (Pr Simple Active) [...]

Misunderstanding (ICAO test film) 2018-02-24T01:22:22+00:00

ATC Error (ICAO test film)

As planes fly faster and higher, it becomes harder for controllers to track their movements. Today only controllers have an accurate picture of air traffic. They use this information [...]

ATC Error (ICAO test film) 2018-02-24T01:22:22+00:00